“A Thousand Thoughts In A Teardrop” Has Just Been Released

The song inspired by Pastor Robert Willy of Hampton Ga. was written by Greg Craft, released October 14,2015

“All Alone” Available On iTunes February 13,2015

All Alone Promo

New Songs For 2015 “All Alone” and “A Thousand Thoughts In A Teardrop”

Written by Greg Craft are two new songs that will be coming soon! “All Alone” and “A Thousand Thoughts In A Teardrop” will Debut early 2015!

Both songs have a unique sound and are going to bring new fans from other genre’s to engage in a little Country, Greg Craft style!

“Bud Light Slide” Is Now On PANDORA RADIO

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Greg Craft Electronic Press Kit

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The Song “ALL MINE” has been added to TOUCHTUNES Jukebox !

The song ALL MINE has been added to TOUCHTUNES Jukebox for the 2014 Breakout Band Contest!

If you see a TOUCHTUNES Jukebox please play our song “ALL MINE” !

Check out the New Song “Bud Light Slide”

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Bud Light Slide Now On Reverbnation

Bud Light Slide

The Music Video “NASTY” is now on YouTube !

Check out the new music video for the song NASTY on YouTube